About the Book

The universe has a master planner. He is a God or a Source that has skillfully fashioned a world conducive for humankind. The inception of the human mind and body alone could have been a tedious process with its infinite potential and capability to learn new things. Yet man’s understanding is quite limited when it comes to knowing this DNA builder—he who has thought of everything from the animals and vegetation that inhibit this planet together with humans.

Yet the question of why evil exists in a world where God supposedly loves man still exists. This is Robert Spevakow’s attempt to answer that question.

Centuries ago, this God or Source sent Avatars to earth with special powers. Early man was amazed with the supernatural capabilities of these Avatars and willingly followed them. Unfortunately, as history taught us, different religions came into the fore and divided the population. This division came at a cost—bloody crusades defined the next thousand years. Still in 2017, people the world over are judged and discriminated in the name of God and religion.

But there’s a glimmer of hope, for the past twenty years or so, newborn children have a different genetic makeup—DNA—that is more advanced and tolerant than the generations that came
before it. They are the future of this world and proof that earth’s vibrations are indeed
getting stronger and more spiritual.

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“The book offers a lot of insight about the human condition.”

—Lucille Reed, San Diego, California


“I highly recommended read to people who are disillusioned with the failures of traditional religious institutions.”

—R. T. Henry, Houston, Texas


“Spevakow has the uncanny ability to contextualize the past in light of current issues on religion and spirituality.”

—Marilyn McKenzie, Southern Pines, North Carolina

Robert Spevakow

About the Author

Robert Spevakow began his spiritual adventure at the age of eight, when he read The Lost Continent of Atlantis in a library in Edmonton, Alberta. This was the start of his pursuit of finding the meaning and essence of life.

He has devoted his time poring over countless spiritual books, giving answers to his long-held questions and, at the same time, sparking new questions. Robert believes that there exists a small particle of God within our spirit that never dies. He also believes in reincarnations, miracles, the sixth sense, and the existence of aliens.


JESUS: I find that I have a very sick complication in my life. I hear a voice every day and this woman who speaks to me is driving me crazy. I don’t know what to do about it. I started going to a psychiatrist, because I hear this woman talking to me a lot in my office. I scream, hoping for these sounds to stop.

JUDAS: I have had dreams all of my life that I was Judas 2000 years ago. My dreams have been very sad because of my betrayal of Jesus, when I turned him over to the Roman soldiers. I now realize that my dreams were true and that I am with Jesus again.

ROBERT LOUIS: Six months have passed since we had our adventure with the spaceship. A lot has happened in the world. I’m not saying that we have complete peace and happiness, but most of the fighting has stopped.


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